Professor Abbas Abu Saleh (1943-2011)40 Years of Academic Experience

Books & Publications

Dr. Abusaleh writings of history are known for their unique scientifically objective triangulation approach. His books remain proof of that with the vastness of primary resources and deepness in research and analysis.

Dr. Abbas Abusaleh

Abbas Abusaleh, born on July 28, 1943 is a Lebanese historian. He has several academic contributions concerning the history of Lebanon and the history of the Druze.

Through a scholarship grant for graduate study for highest academic achievers from The Lebanese University(1967-1971). He traveled to the United States of America where he studied at the University of Texas at Austin receiving a Non Resident tuition scholarship in 1968 from the University of Texas at Austin covering 1968-1971 enabling him to earn his M.A in History from the University of Texas at Austin, in the year 1969. Abu Salih continued his academic career towards a doctorate degree earning a graduate school research grant from the University in 1970 graduating with a PhD in History from the University of Texas at Austin in the year 1971.

Conferences & Events

Dr. Abusaleh participated as a Speaker in several international conferences. In 2011, Dr. Abu Saleh was awarded with the Kamal Jumblat Medal in an honouring ceremony held at Dar Tayfeh in Beirut. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Higher Education in Lebanon along with numerous members of the parliament, key figures and renowned people. In June 2011, Dr. Abbas Abusaleh passed away at the age of 68 years old.